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15 Restaurants in Lisbon you haven’t lived until you tried

15 Restaurants in Lisbon you haven’t lived until you tried

Best restaurants in Lisbon

Teresa is one of those people that has tried every single restaurant in Lisbon. I don’t know how she does it, but it’s true. This is her list of the 15 best restaurants in Lisbon. How many have you tried?

Best Restaurants in Lisbon #1

The Cash-Splurge – Insolito @ The Independent Hostel

Best Restaurants in Lisbon Insolito

A really nice restaurant in Bairro Alto. It has an amazing view over the city. It’s not cheap but it’s definitely worth it. If you go for a drink or dinner I recommend you get a cocktail called “smoke me” – it’s an amazing experience! You need to book Insólito restaurant at least 2 days in advance!

Best Restaurants in Lisbon #2

Trendy but Typical – Prego na Peixaria

Best Restaurants in Lisbon Prego

In this Príncipe Real restaurant, they serve amazing pregos: a typical Portuguese fish or meat sandwich. You have to ask for the Marilyn Monroe chips. You can’t book, so go early.

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Best Restaurants in Lisbon #3

Nothing fishy here! – Sea me

Best Restaurants in Lisbon SeaMe

They serve fresh fish every day and you can choose how you want it to be cooked. The food is nice and the decoration is very cool and trendy. Sometimes they have a DJ. It’s better to book Sea Me for dinner.

Best Restaurants in Lisbon #4

Too much to choose from… – Mercado da Ribeira

living in lisbon Mercado da Ribeira
The Timeout Market in Ribeira

It’s a food market in Cais do Sodré. Great gourmet food at very decent prices. It’s really fashionable because each of the stands represents restaurants from super well-known Portuguese chefs. The place is always full so you should either go early or really late.

Best Restaurants in Lisbon #5

Big Spender! – 100 maneiras

Best Restaurants in Lisbon 100 Maneiras

This Yugoslavian chef only serves one menu. The food is great and the presentation is amazing. Not-to-miss if your parents come to visit and they’re picking up the tab! You definitely need to book 100 Maneiras.

Best Restaurants in Lisbon #6

The King of Seafood – Ramiro

Best Restaurants in Lisbon Cervejaria Ramiro

Best seafood ever, and it’s 5 minutes away by metro from the city centre, in Martim Moniz. You can’t book so go early or really late (as of 10.30 pm). Besides the seafood, the Pregos here are absolutely legendary.

Best Restaurants in Lisbon #7

Trendy but Typical – Taberna Ideal

Best Restaurants in Lisbon Taberna Ideal
Photocredits belong to Sivan Askayo, of

Amazing Portuguese tapas with an international touch in Santos so it’s a good place to start the night. You can’t book so go early.

Best Restaurants in Lisbon #8

Behind closed doors – Café de São Bento

One of the best steaks in Lisbon. Have a steak à São Bento with home made fries. The restaurant’s door is always closed. You need to ring the bell and then one of the really old waiters will come and open it. I never booked and it was ok, but you can book Café de São Bento if you prefer to be on the safe side.

Best Restaurants in Lisbon #9

Meaty meals – O Talho

Best Restaurants in Lisbon o Talho

Close to El Corte Ingles: specialised in amazing meat dishes. If you like steak tartar this is the place to go. They serve the tartar with a shot of vodka: it’s awesome. You should book O Talho before you go.

Best Restaurants in Lisbon #10

Chinese Cuisine – O Talentoso Mr. Lu

Best Restaurants in Lisbon mr Lu
Photo credits go to Gonçalo Villaverde

Amazing Chinese restaurant. In 1997 Mr Lu (the chef) was considered the 2nd best chef in North China. The restaurant is cheap (15 EUR per person) and it’s real Chinese cuisine. The local Chinese people like to go there a lot. Not sure you can book.

Best Restaurants in Lisbon #11

Lisbon City Secrets – Horta dos Brunos

Best Restaurants in Lisbon Horta dos Brunos
Photo credits go to A Portuguese Dish

This is a secret place where not many people know about it – thank the lord! It’s a tiny restaurant in a not so fancy neighbourhood where there is no menu. Politicians come here a lot. The chef is always in the kitchen or in the dining area speaking to the customers. He has 3 or 4 amazing dishes of the day with what he got from the market. No need to book; but you can call if you prefer.

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Best Restaurants in Lisbon #12

Most Perfect view – Mensagem @ Hotel Altis Belém

Best Restaurants in Lisbon Mensagem

The food is good (not amazing) but the restaurant is right at the river so it’s super nice to enjoy the view over the river in a sunny warm day. Usually there’s no need to book Mensagem.

Best Restaurants in Lisbon #13

True to Tokyo – Tomo

Best Restaurants in Lisbon Tomo

The best Japanese restaurant in Lisbon. The chef is the former chef of the Japanese embassy in Portugal. Here you will have the real Japanese experience! Better to book Tomo.

Best Restaurants in Lisbon #14

On the Seaside – Boca do Inferno (Cascais)

Best Restaurants in Lisbon Cascais Boca do inferno

It’s the best fish restaurant close to Lisbon. Drive about 25 minutes or get a train at Cais de Sodré to the last stop. You will rapidly fall for the charm of the fishing village of Cascais. I never booked and I always got a table.

Best Restaurants in Lisbon #15

Best Brunch of Lisbon – Chafariz del Rey

Best Restaurants in Lisbon Chafariz

It’s in a boutique hotel that used to be an old palace. The brunch is really amazing and it’s 18€  per person. I love the deco and in the summer you can sit outside and enjoy the view over the river. You should book Chafariz del Rey before going!

You need more? You can have more! Lisbon has a big offer of international food restaurants that will take your breath way and also amazing vegetarian and vegan places.

Thanks for reading this post! We hope to see you soon, coming back for more.

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