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An Easy Guide to the Latada de Coimbra

An Easy Guide to the Latada de Coimbra

Welcome to Coimbra, Freshers! Coimbra has one of the strongest academic traditions in the country and part of it is actually pure party. If you have just arrived, let us show you what to expect this month.

Also, minor warning, everybody might seem kind of crazy, but don’t worry, it is just the way it is.

14 – 18 October: – The Latada – or Can Party

Festa das Latas, or as it is often known, Latada, occurs every year in October and it sets the start of the academic year. Born in Coimbra, it started as a carnival parade where the new students would show themselves to the city, wearing all kind of props and posters with satiric messages. Cans were just about the only thing they would not wear, so the name “Can Party” is mostly ironic.

The best news is: Thursday and Friday students of Universidade de Coimbra are excused from classes just so they enjoy the Latada week.

Students at the Can Parade of Coimbra
Photo by Renata F. Oliveira

What’s going to be going on:

Tuesday night, the students of Coimbra will all meet up at Sé Nova. At midnight, the Serenata Monumental, will begin. The talented musicians of the University’s traditional band (called the Tuna) sing to thousands of students from the top of the Cathedral’s stairs.

The parade is on Sunday, throughout the day and crosses most of the city of Coimbra. You can’t possibly miss the parade!

Every night there will be concerts. On Wednesday, Folk-Rock Diabo na Cruz are awesome and Carlão is a Portuguese hiphop legend. Friday, don’t miss Xutos & Pontapés (imagine Portuguese Rolling Stones) and Moullinex, best House musician around. On Sunday, Quim Barreiros is the really, really corny folk music everybody enjoys on Portuguese festivals.

Latada in Coimbra
Photo by Renata F. Oliveira


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Feature photo by Semana Académica.

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