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Rotterdam: How To Enjoy The Most Modern And Vibrant City In The Netherlands

Rotterdam: How To Enjoy The Most Modern And Vibrant City In The Netherlands

Futuristic skyscrapers, breathtaking skyline, suspended bridges, cubic houses…  are we in The Netherlands? The answer is yes, and the city is Rotterdam. The town was completely bombed in the Second World War, and since then, it has been reconstructed in a modern and futuristic way through the contribution of inventive architects from all over the world.
The city vibe is very multicultural (47.7% of the population is non-Dutch), and thousands of international students come every year for the great quality and prestige of its Universities.

I am also an international student and I arrived in Rotterdam more than one year ago. At first sight the city might appear a little cold and intimidating. But with my advices you will never feel lost and you will be able to live an amazing Rotterdam experience!

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The best breakfast or coffee in Rotterdam:

You can find the best coffee in Rotterdam at Espresso Dates. Here you can also eat great biological Moroccan food and the atmosphere is relaxed and international. If you do not feel like going to the library it is also a good place to study.

What to see?

The best thing is to walk around and get a feeling of the city as there is a lot to see. I would suggest to go the charming Delfshaven, the only part of Rotterdam that looks the same as before the bombardment. Here you can get a homemade beer at De Pelgrim brewery ( ) while looking at a windmill.  On rainy days the Boijmans van Beuningen museum is a must go if you want to enjoy Dutch and international art.

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Best place to study in Rotterdam

If you are tired of your University’s library you can go to the amazing public library in Blaak. Here you can get a great view of the city while studying on the top floor.

Where to eat?

For lunch go to Picknick, they have great local quality food and the place has a young vibe. For a cheap and tasty dinner try the Surinamese & Chinese restaurants, there is one on every corner! If you want to have a nice dinner in summer, you can eat great fish with an amazing view at A La Plancha.

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Where to go grocery shopping?

To get grocery the best place is the market in Blaak. The market takes place two times a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Here you can find everything: clothes, furniture, bikes, vegetables, exotic fruit, fish, bread etc. It is also very fun to just walk around!

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Where to go on sunny days?

Living in The Netherlands makes you appreciate the sun more than you ever did. As soon as a ray of sunshine comes out, everybody goes outside to get it before the rain hits again. The best way to experience a sunny day is to go to a park like Kralingse Bos and have a barbecue with your friends

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Where to go at night?

The center of the nightlife is indeed Witte de Withstraat. Here there is a wide choice of bars and small clubs. Walk along the street and choose the bar that attracts you most; no matter what you choose, it is going to be a great night! If you want to party, there is a wide choice of night clubs. If you like music Bird has a great artist selection. If you are looking for a more clubbing environment check out Toffler. If you can party during the week and you are looking for an international students’ environment, go to Bed club on Tuesday. Here you can get the best drink deals in town and great fun!

Thanks for reading this post! We’ll see you soon.
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