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5 Best Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

5 Best Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

Have you chosen Amsterdam as your Erasmus destination? You could not have made a better choice! A lively city, full of energy, full of things to do and interesting places to visit. This experience will surely be one of the best of your life. You will become attached to this city and you won’t be able to help it. Museums, picturesque views, bike rides, everything… but Amsterdam is also synonymous with coffeeshops.

Which are the 5 best coffeeshops in Amsterdam? What must you not miss during your stay in Holland?

Best coffeeshops in Amsterdam: Canals

Here’s a mini-guide designed for you!

5 coffeeshops in Amsterdam you cannot miss

1. Greenhouse

This is definitely one of the most famous and touristy coffeeshops in the city. All of those going to Amsterdam, even if just for a weekend, come here. Greenhouse is the perfect place to relax, meet new people and try out products of the highest quality (although some are a little expensive). This coffeeshop has won several editions of the Cannabis Cup… that should be enough of a reason, no? ? If you need any advice or suggestions, or if you’re just curious about something, ask the waiters anything you want: you will find them to be highly qualified! Immerse yourself in the fantastic atmosphere of the Greenhouse to live moments of madness with a pleasant and amazing background music. Food, drinks, events … and excellent weed await you in one of Amsterdam’s Greenhouses.

Address: Green House United, Haarlemmerstraat 64 (Main shop)

2. Dampkring

Best coffeeshops in Amsterdam: Coffeeshop street

Have you watched the movie “Ocean’s 12”, with George Clooney and Brad Pitt? Do you remember the scene where the two actors were smoking in a coffeeshop? The Dampkring was that exact location! You can imagine why this place has become super famous and why everybody who passes through Amsterdam stops here! Inside, you’ll find yourself to be super relaxed in the candle-lit atmosphere. A quiet place to have a beer with friends and try the specialties that led it to win the Cannabis Cup. Since opening, in 1993, the quality of this coffeeshop has remained unchanged and always at the highest level!

Address: De Dampkring, Handboogstraat 29 – Tel. 020 6380705 (near the flower market). Open from 10:00am to 1am.

3. Barney’s

This coffeeshop is another one that has won many awards, thanks to the quality of its products. A packed room, ideal for meeting new and interesting people, where caos is king.. You get the munchies after smoking? At Barney’s you will find plenty of food to choose from on the menu! Looking for advice on what type of weed to try? Ask the waiters for a suggestion.

Address: Barney’s Haarlemmerstraat 102-Bg (near Central Station) Open from 7:00am to 1:00am.

4. Amnesia

The name says it all. Relax and forget about all your books and assignments for a few hours: you also need a break every now and then! ? The high-quality products on the menu will put you in a good mood. Taste the local dishes: the Malana Cream. Take care when you leave the place … at least remember your way back home!

Address: Amnesia, Herengracht 133

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5. Siberia

Best coffeeshops in Amsterdam: Inside a coffeeshop

To end the mini-guide on Amsterdam’s coffeeshops, I want to suggest this quiet place that, despite being in the centre, is very quiet and also frequented by the locals. For the past 30 years, Siberia has been offering a simple and unique atmosphere. Reggae and hip-hop in the background, ideal for smoking with some friends and to make new ones. This coffeeshop is located on one of the most beautiful canals of Amsterdam, which deserves your visit at any time of day! Are you hungry? Ask a waiter for the food menu!

Address: Siberia, Brouwersgracht 11

And now that you know about the best coffeeshops in the city you just have to start your search for the best weed! An important advice: be smart and remember that you also have to study and attend classes at the university during your Erasmus ?

Translated by Cristina Tomé

Thanks for reading this post! We hope to see you soon, coming back for more.

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