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7 Times You Know Rome Is The Craziest City On Earth

7 Times You Know Rome Is The Craziest City On Earth

Erasmus in Rome Craziest city on earth

Everybody knows Rome is known as the city of 7 hills. But besides hills, there are 7 times when you know that Rome is by far the craziest city on this planet we call home.

1. When you need to catch a train

Rome Train station is crazy

On weekends when you decide to go explore the country, maybe visit Firenze or Naples, Venice or Milan you head for Rome Termini with only a small bag and a lot of excitement. That station completely redefines Chaos: pickpockets, police and clueless tourists are everywhere, and oddly enough the pickpockets seem to be the most helpful of all three.

2. When you need to cross the street

Crossing a street is more or lesser a similar experience anywhere you go. Find white stripes on the ground, wait for the green man to light up, cross safely. Not in Rome! The Green man doesn’t really guarantee that there’s no car coming and most people don’t even wait to find the zebra crossing.

3. When you just want a slice of pizza

Some of the famous pizza spots in Rome are insane. Hundreds of people struggling and elbowing each other for a slice? If you lived in Rome, you know what I mean.

4. When you’re looking for a perfect selfie-spot

Rome Edin Dzeko selfie
Photo from IrishMirror (2015)

On the one hand, if you want to buy a selfie stick, there are a million people on every street selling them. On the other, if you want a photograph of your group next to the colosseum or by the fontana di trevi or on the spanish stairs, well… it gets kind of crazy.

5. When you’re partying at Qube

Qube Crazy Club in Rome nightlife
Photo from Qube’s facebook page

All Erasmus students of Rome know exactly what I mean. Qube is insane.

6. When you need to photocopy your work

Rome queue craziest Erasmus cityWhen you first got here, you probably wandered what the hell were all those photocopy shops around university. When exam season comes around, and there’s thousands of people trying to get noticed by the one old lady behind the copy machine, you wish that there were many, many more of them.

7. When you have to deal with simple processes at university

Rome is Chaos.

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Fun fact for you: there is no such thing as a simple process in Rome. You thought you only needed a form signed, but you have to visit 3 different departments before you get given a form and then on about ten different doors to find the right person to sign it. Then all you have to do is find out who you need to return it to….

…but you know what?

After a few weeks of living and studying in Rome, you start crossing the street like a local (or Mulan’s grandma!), you know that you’ll have plenty of pictures with all the monuments because you go hang out near them at night, you have chosen that one favourite pizza place where tourists don’t go and you just smile when you hear people complaining about how crazy Rome is.
Because you and me, we love Rome crazy and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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