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The Definitive Guide to Nightlife in Rome

The Definitive Guide to Nightlife in Rome

Nightlife in Rome

What is Erasmus without the nights out? Of course it’s important to study and experience the foreign universities’ environments, but going out is a fundamental part of it. In this article you can find some of the best pubs, clubs or events that you can’t miss about the nightlife in Rome. Check out their Facebook pages, look at the ESN Roma website, as well as the Erasmus Roma page on Facebook.

Nightlife in Rome: Streetlife

Any Given Monday

Nightlife in Rome: Any Given Monday
by Fabio Germinario

This event is very popular among Erasmus people and students. Hosted by various clubs, such as the Qube or the Circolo degli Illuminati, the entry prices are affordable, usually €5 with a free drink, and the music is pretty cool.

Italian Stail

Nightlife in Rome: Italian Stail

If you really like the Italian style, this is the right night out for you. All of the music played here is Italian, all the way from the 50s to the present days – and you can even get in touch with the Italian dancing culture. One of the funniest events of its type!

Lanificio 159, Via di Pietralata, 159

Nightlife in Rome: Lanificio 159

This old woollen mill is one of the most representative places of Rome’s clubbing culture. The entrance fee is about €10 with a drink. At Lanificio 159 it’s possible to bump into various kinds of exhibitions, events and performances.

Freni e Frizioni, Via del Politeama, 4 – Trastevere

Nightlife in Rome: Freni e Frizioni

A good cocktail bar in the beautiful Trastevere district, it is a valid alternative to the massive tourist bars in this area. The prices are a little bit high, but in the centre of the city you can’t find something better, especially with a good quality.

Coming Out, Via San Giovanni in Laterano, 8, Colosseum

Nightlife in Rome: Coming Out

Set in Rome’s main gay street, a street eerily close to the magnificent Colosseum, this bar is the expression of the gay-friendliness of the city of Rome.

San Lorenzo and Pigneto districts

The area of San Lorenzo is a typical hangout spot for students. It is very close to the Sapienza University, in the centre of the city, and it offers a wide range of pubs, restaurants and bars at a low price. A lot of bars have great student discounts, so it’s very easy to save money in San Lorenzo. Just get lost around the neighbourhood and find out your favourite place to drink something. On the other hand, there is also the Pigneto area, another lively district in which you can have good cocktails, followed by an epic night out. This area, divided by a bridge, is full of clubs with live gigs and events, and both sides have plenty of places worth going to for a memorable night out.

Ex Dogana, Via dello Scalo di San Lorenzo, 10

Nightlife in Rome: Ex Dogana

The name of this club, Ex Dogana, means “ex-customhouse”, and indeed it used to be home to the offices of the railway goods controlling entity. Since August 2015, this abandoned industrial area was subject to a major revamp, in order to create a cultural space, as well as one of the best nightclubs in Rome’s nightlife.

University nights

As any university worthy of its name, Roman universities usually organise great events – and I don’t mean just the academic type. The Sapienza University in particular is famous among students for its monumental nights out.

Via Portuense and Testaccio district

Nightlife in Rome: Testaccio

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The Via Portuense is full of bars, restaurants and clubs, so you are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking the right one for you. This nightlife popularity is mirrored in the Testaccio district: a Roman hill that offers a lot of possibilities for spending a good night out in the city. Just walk around Testaccio and you’ll certainly come across an instant favourite!

Campo de’ Fiori square

Nightlife in Rome: Campo de' Fiori

One of the most famous squares in the historical centre of Rome, Campo de’ Fiori hosts plenty of student-friendly bars. Enjoy the atmosphere that surrounds this place full of history, blended with the daily remains of the local morning market.

EUR district

This area is the core of clubbing in Rome, it boasts some of the most important club, with events hosting world-famous DJs. Spazio Novecento, Futurarte, Jet Set, are some of the most popular clubs, but many other are also worth a visit.

Piazza Bologna

Piazza Bologna is very close to the Sapienza University and is highly-frequented by university students. Most non-local students also live here, and it’s very common to find students chilling out or drinking something around the corners of the district or at the nearby bars.

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