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10 Reasons Why You Should Never Do Your Erasmus in Rome

10 Reasons Why You Should Never Do Your Erasmus in Rome

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Yeah, yeah, it’s the Eternal City, the Capital of the World, but the Italian capital is simply not worth wasting your semester in. Check out 10 reasons why you should never do your Erasmus in Rome:

1. It’s ancient, thus boring

There’s the Pantheon and the Colosseum, two of the oldest buildings in Rome. These old things have been here for almost two thousand years. Why you would ever add it to your bucket list or take a Behind the Scenes Colosseum Tour is beyond us.

2. It’s filled with dead dudes’ art

Why even visit the Vatican? I mean, it houses the most important frescoes by Michelangelo. Big deal! The only thing you get from looking at the masterpiece in the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling is a neck sprain.

3. There are too many statues

Way too many. You practically run into them everywhere you go! Why should you have to see something so magnificent for free?

4. Let’s not mention the number of churches

There are more than 900 churches in rome. Nine hundred! No one has the time to see them all. Trust me, it’s impossible. Plus, who would want to walk into a chilly church in the scorching Roman weather?

5. You’ll only eat food that starts with “P”

Pizza! Pasta! Prosciutto! Pane! Pesce! Pesto! Pancetta! Parmigiano! Panna cotta! Pomodoro! Panettone! Polenta! Please put an end to it.

6. You won’t find fresh food

It’s not like you’ll find fresh produce in every market in Rome. Don’t even bother; everything is processed.

7. No one eats sugar

Seriously. There are no gelatos, no tiramisu, no struffoli, no cornetti. Nothing. Do you like to eat sugar? Well, forget about it while you’re in Rome.

8. Wine is a problem

I don’t know whether there is too much or simply not enough wine, but there is a wine problem.

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9. It’s way too expensive

There’s this thing called an Aperitivo, where you pay €6 for a drink and you get free food with your drink. Do you know how much free costs?

10. You risk falling in love

Danger! Don’t step foot in Rome because your heart might literally burst from your chest and you may never want to leave.

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Why would you ever decide to step foot in Rome? Let us know in the comments. And remember: if you need student accommodation, you’ll find the perfect student home on Uniplaces. We have rooms in Rome!

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