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10 Best Neighbourhoods in Rome for Students

10 Best Neighbourhoods in Rome for Students

best neighbourhoods in rome for students

Rome is a city with many facets, indeed its districts are quite different one another: the problem is that some of the them are not well served by public transport, especially at night. Let’s try to see which are the best neighbourhoods to live in if you are a student.

The most convenient places to live in are, of course, the areas around the university where you are studying. Usually, prices are lower and you can easily find someone to share your flat with. The central districts (such as Trastevere, Testaccio, and so on) are pretty, but expensive – not recommended if you want to spend little.

San Lorenzo

In the main square of this famous student neighbourhood, at night you can see a lot of students who meet up. San Lorenzo has a very active nightlife and you can go out on foot. Also, it is very close to Sapienza University, indeed in the last decades it has been transformed into a university district, where the prices for a room are around €400 per month.


On the red line of the Roman subway opens the Tuscolano district, quite close to the University of Tor Vergata, fully merged in an urban atmosphere with some spots of green inside: here there is the beautiful Park of Aqueducts. Prices are from €300 to €400.


One of the best residential and (quite!) cheap areas in Rome, it is very picturesque and Roman­style. It has been requalified in the last years, indeed it hosts many events and initiatives about its most typical heritage. The average price is €400.


It includes the adjacent district of San Lorenzo, but Tiburtino is quieter, suitable for people who want to live in a residential area, result of the Italian Neorealistic architectural movement. The district hosts the second station of Rome, Tiburtina Station. The cost for a room is around €300.


This district is well­ known for its new nightlife: fine wine bars and restaurants frame an area that was very poor time ago, but today it is lived by young people. 300€ is the average price for a room.

San Giovanni

In the area of Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano, rooms are available at approximately €400. Every year in the main square in front of the Basilica occurs the famous May Day Concert, a big live gig for the Labour Day. Plus, next to San Giovanni there is Re di Roma district, it is a quiet residential place.

Giancolense (Monteverde)

With €400 you can afford one of the most peaceful neighbourhoods in the city. Gianicolense conforms to all tastes: it includes the biggest park of Rome, Villa Pamphilij, where you can chill out in a beautiful atmosphere. Plus, the famous street market Porta Portese gives to the district a lively mood.

Piazza Bologna

This is another famous student neighbourhood in Rome, very popular among students. The area is full of cafès, pubs, restaurants that you can easily visit from all the parts of the district. Rooms are available at about €350.


Next to the business area of Rome, the EUR district, there is the district Marconi. High buildings lift up and host a big part of Roman population. For one room you can spend €350, and here you have everything you need: big supermarkets, shops and, above all, also the University of “Roma Tre”.

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Monte Sacro

Rooms here can be rented from €300 to €400. The neighbourhood is full of history, even though it isn’t in the very centre of the city. This area was inhabited since the Prehistoric times, indeed there have been findings of prehistoric men’s skulls. Today, it has been turned into a residential zone, very congested but well served by public transport and with a great variety of nightlife.


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