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Best Places to Study in Rome

Best Places to Study in Rome

Best places to study in Rome

Exam period is just around the corner and studying at home with your flatmates can be a little bit annoying. Fortunately, Rome has a lot of libraries and bookshops, and you can find the closest one to you on the websites and And for just a yearly subscription of €10, you have got the access to a huge network of libraries of the Biblioteche di Roma circuit.

However, in Rome you can find plenty of cafés where you can both study and have a drink or something to eat, and where you can even make new friends. Here’s a list of the best places to study in Rome.

Giufà Libreria Caffè, San Lorenzo

Best places to study in Rome: Giufà Libreria Caffè
by Flickr user: Angela Hsieh

This nice bookshop is located in the neighbourhood of San Lorenzo, near the Sapienza University in the centre of the city. It is a small place where you can study in a warm, cosy environment in the Winter. Here, you’ll find a good variety of books to read and buy, as well as a good café that offers hot beverages and pastries. It is not recommended if you need to study in total silence.

Caffè Letterario, Ostiense

Best places to study in Rome: Caffè Letterario

This coffee bar-bookshop hybrid is part of the Biblioteche di Roma circuit. Coming here makes you feel motivated and enveloped into an artistic atmosphere, thanks to the numerous events that go on in this café.

Biblioteca Fabrizio Giovenale, Parco Regionale Urbano di Aguzzano

Best places to study in Rome: Biblioteca Fabrizio Giovenale

A little off-centre, this library can be reached by subway or bus. Deep in the green city park of Aguzzano, this place is the right one if you are looking for peace and quiet. An oasis among buildings.

Biblioteca Nazionale, Castro Pretorio

Best places to study in Rome: Central Library

Very close to the Termini station, the National Central Library of Rome is just a five minutes’ walk away. It is situated next to the Castro Pretorio military complex, and the metro station is right outside the building. The library has a great collection of books that you can borrow via your subscription to the free Biblioteca Nazionale card. Here, you can have both an intensive study and a relaxing time outside the building. But be careful with the library regulations, as they are very strict!

University libraries

Best places to study in Rome: University libraries

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There are three main public universities in Rome: Sapienza University of Rome, University of Rome Tor Vergata, and University of Roma Tre. Of course, each one has got its own library, and it is very useful, in my opinion, to take advantage of them because usually you can find the books you need for your exams. Plus, it’s easier to study in a well-known environment such as your host university.

Bakery House, Corso Trieste and Via Riano

Best places to study in Rome: Bakery House

These two places in the city give you the sensation, if only for a few moments, that you have stepped into an American bakery. Here, you can eat cupcakes while drinking a hot beverage and burying your head in your books. However, it’s not only students who usually hang out at this café.

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