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8 iconic spots all Erasmus Rome students must visit

8 iconic spots all Erasmus Rome students must visit

When you think about an Erasmus in Rome, places like the Colosseum and Vatican city always come to your mind, and yes those places are awesome let’s agree on that, but Rome is way more than just that, so we have 8 awesome spots where you can really make the most of your Roman Erasmus.

San Gianicolo

Erasmus Rome San Gianicolo

You should take some food, beers and music to enjoy the stunning view.
If you go there at midday you can actually listen out for the cannon that fires every single day and has done since Pope Pius IX decided the city needed a way to sync all of the city’s clocktowers.


Trastevere Erasmus Rome

Definitely one of the coolest neighborhoods in Rome!
Trastevere is all about old fashioned streets, cosy bars and restaurants with a modern vibe.
Places work checking out in Trastevere while your enjoying your Erasmus in Rome:

  • Nel buco del mulo. Ask for a Led Zeppelin, thank me later.
  • Gelato Fatamorgana. Pick… any flavour really.
  • Pizzeria Nerone.


Monti_ Piazza della Madonna

All Erasmus Rome students know this: Monti is just really cool when it comes to shopping.
If you’re looking for typical Italian groceries, music shops or clothes markets, Monti has everything you need.

San Lorenzo District

San Lorenzo by Henrik Mayor
Photo credis: Henrik Mayor

There’s two things you’ll always find in San Lorenzo no matter what you’re looking at, students and awesome graffities. This makes it an Erasmus Rome student favourite. There’re also two student spots that you have to go, Formula Uno restaurant to have a pizza and Init club, they have good live concerts every week


Campo de Fiore

Campo de Fiore Erasmus Rome

See Also

A fruit/vegetable market by day drastically changes when the market stands leave to one of the busiest nightlife spots of the city with a huge variety of bars and restaurants where you can have a  typical Italian apertitivo (also known as an Erasmus dinner!).


Lanificio 159

Erasmus Rome Laificio 159
Photo credits: Manuela Giusto / Lanificio 159

Its my favourite club in the Italian capital, with many different spaces and music varieties its a must go. The only bad part is that is not very easy to get there, but once you do it really worths it!

Fontana di Trevi

Fontana di Trevi Erasmus Rome

You should visit it at night not just to avoid having tons of tourists there throwing coins making wishes and taking photos, but actually because its the only time you can sit there calmly hearing the water flow and see how powerful the sculptures get with the lights turned on.

Villa Borghese

Erasmus Rome Villa Borghese
Rome has a big variety of green parks but Villa Borghese has something special. You can enjoy some fresh air along with your friends in a picnic or just go for jogging near the beautiful lakes, it’s just stunning.

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