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The Very Best Nightclubs in Milan

The Very Best Nightclubs in Milan
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Milan, the cradle of Italian fashion and endless nights, is not only one of the best places to listen to the best international DJs; among its streets it also houses nightclubs where the walls speak of times past and nights which are still to be lived.

While you’re in Milan, make sure to watch out for this list of the very best nightclubs in Milan.

1. Gattopardo

Address: Via Piero della Francesca, 47

Welcome to the place where music is cherished. Implanted in an old church abandoned in the 70s, it came back to life in 2001 to become an example of how Italian imagination works. Its magical walls and marble columns next to the beautiful dome make this place look like a real music temple. We recommend you go slightly early if you want to enter this club, since it’s so popular among Cattolica students.

2. Le Banque

Address: Via Bassano Porrone, 6

Located close to Cordussio Square, Milan’s banking district, this nightclub has two rooms where you can listen to different types of music. The most impressive is the one with a huge chandelier that has passed from watching bankers come and go, to reigning over the smiles of its party people. If you want to find the best Erasmus atmosphere, go on a Saturday!

3. Alcatraz

Address: Via Valtellina, 25

Don’t be fooled by the name of this nightclub; we assure you that nobody tries to escape from one of the biggest clubs in the city. Entering this club is an experience for the senses, since its 2.000 square metres transport you directly to a huge festival. It’s a meeting place every Friday for thousands of Erasmus with rock and house music in a venue that leaves you speechless.

4. Santa Tecla

Address: Via Santa Tecla, 3

Located two minutes from the Duomo, on the corner of Via Santa Tecla, we find this small nightclub, famous in the 50s for being the birthplace of jazz in the fashion capital. A fire destroyed it in the 90s, but it reopened and maintained its New York style, and the platforms of the showgirls are still present in the rooms. We recommend going if you want to understand why it has become an icon of how to start the week.

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5. Just Cavalli

 Address: Torre Branca, Via Luigi Camoens

In the heart of the Parco Sempione, at the feet of the Torre Branca, we find international models’ favourite place to dance until dawn. The nightclub decorated by the famous designer, Roberto Cavalli, the exclusive spaces and the open areas honour the history of this city. If you are looking for a different night or just an excuse to wear that new and beautiful dress, this is certainly the place to go.

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