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Stranded passengers in Milan: what to do when you are stuck

Stranded passengers in Milan: what to do when you are stuck

Stranded passengers in Milan due to coronavirus lockdown

Italy announced some travel restrictions that quickly ended up in a complete lockdown since March, 13th, closing all borders with the rest of the world. From this day forward, it is mandatory to stay home or travel inside the country. People are only allowed to leave home when they have to buy goods such as groceries and medicine.

All over Europe, millions of people are locked down during this period that is supposed to last 15 days – but, of course, in such a situation it can last more than expected. If you are a foreigner seeking information about the country, this post might come in handy.

What to do when stuck in Milan due to coronavirus

Although all of those changes might be stressful – it is not easy to give up plans, especially when you are not able to come back home, it is also not helpful to panic. Gathering the most information you can is the key to be prepared for any situation that you might face forward.

Let’s talk a bit about accommodation, the health system and how to keep up to date about Italy’s situation, mainly concerning foreign people that are stuck in Milan due to coronavirus.

Accommodation in Milan

Dozens of countries are fighting coronavirus at the same time. It turns out that it might be difficult to find a way back home provided by your government soon. For all those cases, there are always cheaper solutions than extending stays in hotels and b&bs around Italy.

Tourists, families, students and people stranded abroad in Milan can count on Uniplaces to find private apartment rentals for one month in a seamless experience. Guests can search, book and pay the first month’s rent online. There are thousands of verified properties around Europe that can be booked as far as some clicks.

Features such as Instant Booking were specially designed for people seeking accommodation with immediate confirmation. Fast Booking is another option for the ones who need full assistance from an agent during the whole process.

Italian health system

Italy’s Health Ministry provides a full list of health care phone numbers for each province. Milan is located in Lombardia province.

Coronavirus emergency contact in Milan: +39 800 89 45 45

In cases where the patient’s life is at risk, it is also possible to call the 112. For regions in Italy other than Lombardia, please, access Italians’ national health website to find out the phone number. If you have a private travel insurance plan and you are a stranded passenger in Milan, it might be a good option to contact them. Since they are used to deal with those enquiries all the time, their experience can provide you with the best recommendations.

Also, here you can find some health care information about all EU countries.


Embassies & Government agencies

Passengers that are stuck in Italy amid coronavirus lockdowns can also count on their home country’s consulate to have information about rescue flights and to communicate emergency situations.

Some consulates might provide an emergency number. We kindly ask you to use it wisely and evaluate if that’s the case before calling. European Union citizens can find information about their consulates and embassies abroad here.

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Flight information in Milan

For stranded passengers in Milan, in order to quickly consult a flight’s information, you can use the website Flight Information and type the number of the flight to find out whether it’s delayed, cancelled or confirmed. But bare in mind that contacting your own company is the best way to keep posted. Some travel routes can be changed during this time, so be patient and stay home during this period.


Uniplaces advice

We know that’s not the best scenario, that is not what you planned. We are working hard every day to provide people with a place they can call home, even if it is just for a month. At the end of the day, the sensation of being home is what makes us feel safe.

If you already booked with us and need information, please, feel free to reach our Help Center. If you didn’t book but want to know more, get in touch with us.


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