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Milan University Guide: University of Milano-Bicocca

Milan University Guide: University of Milano-Bicocca

UNIMIB - University of Milan-Bicocca

If you’re heading to Milan to study at UNIMIB, the University of Milano-Bicocca, we’ve collected all you need to know about the university.

University of Milano-Bicocca

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UNIMIB (Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca) is the University of Milano-Bicocca. This university was only founded in 1998, yet it’s already one of Italy’s top institutions. It’s also leading several front-tier research projects in Italy, as well as aiding several other European laboratories.

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The young university didn’t have a large international student community at first, but this has been gradually increasing to the point where nowadays you’ll always have several foreign classmates sitting beside you. Of course, the city itself is quite diverse and multicultural, so wandering into the heart of Milan will surely fulfil your needs!

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UNIMIB is located on the outskirts of Milan, in the district that gives the university its name: Bicocca. The university’s campus is where Pirelli’s old industrial facilities used to be in the 80s, which were then completely redesigned into a new urban complex to accommodate for the new Bicocca university and all of its research and student accommodation facilities. What does this mean for you as a student? It means you can have the full Milan experience without having to live right in the heart of the city, where all the tourists usually are.

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The easiest way to get to UNIMIB’s  campus is to take the subway’s line 5 to Bicocca or Ponale. However, the number 7 and 31 trams and several other buses (51, 87, 172, 728) will also leave you right outside Milano-Bicocca.

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#601-650 in the world

QS World University Rankings (2015)

#151-200 in Geography

QS World University Rankings by Subject (2015)

#51 in the world

Times Higher Education 150 Under 50 Rankings (2016)

Facts and Figures

Male 40:60 Female

Undergraduate 66:34 Postgraduate

National 95:5 International

81 Undergraduate Courses

100 Postgraduate Courses

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