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10 Best Places To Study in Milan

10 Best Places To Study in Milan

The Winter exam period is coming up, and if you’re studying in busy Milan it can get a bit difficult to find a great place to study. To help you make the most out of your time during the exam season, we thought you’d like to know what best places to study in Milan are.

Check out our list of the 10 best places to study in the Milan, and make the most of their awesome facilities!

OPEN – Viale Monte Nero 6

This is not a traditional library or bookshop in the true sense of the word. In fact, it is a new concept of library where you can buy books, study or work. Open’s entree fees are €5 per day, or you can get an annual membership for just €30.

PROS: great design and open on Sundays.

CONS: very busy during exam periods.

PAVÈ – Via Felice Casati 27

10 best places to study in Milan: Pavè

Pavè is a bakery managed by three young entrepreneurs who have worked together in order to enhance and rediscover the traditional “merenda” – the Italian afternoon snack. It has a good choice of cakes, coffee, and cappuccinos presented in an old-fashioned way. Their cinnamon cappuccino and brioches in particular are really great (the 160 brioche is a milestone).

PROS: food and location are great.

CONS: not a very quiet place.


10 best places to study in Milan: Catholic University

This located in the city centre, inside the Catholic University. Its cloister is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so you can easily have an architectural break from studying and sit under its big trees without spending a penny! The university is full of small libraries that are divided per section. If you are brave (and desperate enough) there are some free classrooms available for students during the night, until 12 am. Remember that if you want to go to the central library, you’ll need a student ID or else they’ll kick you out!

PROS: the silence, just perfect for tight schedule exams, and open for most of the day.

CONS: not recommended for chit-chatting!

ARNOLD & COFFEE – Via Festa del Perdono 1 , Via Nirone 19 , Via Orefici 26

10 best places to study in Milan: Arnold Coffee

This is a famous chain of coffee houses that has 3 cafes in the centre. It is perfect to meet a friend, study or just chill while surfing the internet.

PROS: comfy chairs and good coffee.

CONS: music and loud chatting during rush hour.


10 best places to study in Milan: Sempione

This small library is set in a unique place, the Sempione Park – the Central Park of Milan. I’d recommend you to take a break and walk through the park to breathe in Milan’s freshest air!

PROS: studying in pure nature is great!

CONS: it’s got tricky opening hours, as some days it is only open in the afternoon.

SANTERIA – Via Privata Ettore Paladini 8

10 best places to study in Milan: Santeria

This place is quite unique. It features 4 floors, where you can find a vinyl shop, an art gallery, a café and a co-working space. It hosts many conferences and art exhibitions, as well as concerts. At lunch and dinner time, the café becomes a restaurant that offers dishes at affordable prices (it is also vegetarian and vegan friendly).

PROS: definitely a cultural place where you get to know new artists and new music.

CONS: a bit far from the centre.


10 best places to study in Milan: California Bakery

As you can tell by its name, California Bakery is an American bakery chain that has 9 stores throughout the city. Here, you can eat the American way: yummy bagels, pancakes and hamburgers are only a few examples of a wide choice of dishes. You can’t leave without ordering a big piece of their superb cakes with ice cream on the side! This place is perfect for studying during the cold Milanese winters while sipping a hot chocolate.

PROS: very fine food and nice location! It is also full of electrical sockets for the laptop-aholics.

CONS: some dishes are quite expensive.

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SORMANI LIBRARY – Corso di Porta Vittoria 6

10 best places to study in Milan: Sormani Library

Sormani is a beautiful and antique Municipal Library located in the historical Sormani Andreani Motta building. As well as being beautiful, it is also plenty of seating room, which makes this a perfect choice for the old-fashioned library-lovers.

PROS: 140 seats to study in an incredible scenario.

CONS: it closes quite early (7 pm).


10 best places to study in Milan: Law Library

This library, or better, the main room of the Law Library, is located near the Duomo. It’s got flexible opening hours – it closes at 10 or 11 pm depending on seasons. The only problem is that it doesn’t have many seats, so you better hurry up and get a seat before hundreds of students come and get them!

PROS: most definitely its opening hours.

CONS: lots of people and not so many seats.

COFFICE – Viale Emilio Caldara 1

10 best places to study in Milan: Coffice

Coffice is a co-working space where you have to pay for the hours you spend there. The good thing is that you have free coffee, tea, muffins, biscuits and other snacks. The rates go from €4/hour, with an additional €0.50/hour after the first one, to €14/day or €65/week. They also organise interesting conferences and cultural events.

PROS: nice facilities, free and quick Wi-Fi, and free food!

CONS: the price.

So get out there, visit these places, and make your studying time a productive one!

Thanks for reading this post! We hope to see you soon, coming back for more.

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