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Studying in Milan: 5 Milanese Habits You Have to Know

Studying in Milan: 5 Milanese Habits You Have to Know

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Are you studying abroad in Milan in the near future? Are you spending a semester here as an Erasmus student? Bravissimo! Surely, you already know about Milan being the world’s fashion and design capital, or about the great food you will find here. But to feel one hundred percent at home while in this beautiful city, here are some of the most important Milanese habits you have to know about if you want to truly feel like you’re a part of the city!

1. The Apericena

The word comes from the mix of “aperitivo”, the act of having a drink before a meal to stimulate your appetite, and “cena”, which means dinner in Italian. Normally these are two separate moments in an Italian person’s day, but in Milan, you can have both things at the same time and at a cheap price! How does it work? You get a cocktail and some food from a buffet (usually a lot) for around 10€! Not bad, right? Especially when you make the most of it by filling your plate three times 🙂

2. The Schiscetta

While the Milanese like to enjoy their dinner with some relaxing moments with friends or family, lunch is always in a rush. If you’re at work, you may have a short lunch break and no time to leave your office; if you’re a student, you could have to walk to a different building during lunch break. Don’t worry, there’s a solution for you: the schiscetta! It may seem difficult to pronounce, but it will make your life so much easier. It’s basically a tupperware where you carry your lunch wherever you want. You will get addicted to your schiscetta lunches during your period in Milan with its busy lifestyle.

3. The shopping in Duomo on Saturdays

Saturdays are often dedicated to shopping for the Milanese. They’re finally free from school or work, and the Duomo area, besides having all sorts of shops and restaurants, is just nice to walk around. Sometimes it can get a bit busy and the queues for the dressing rooms can be quite boring, but it’s certainly an experience of the real Milanese life, and it can give you an overview of its inhabitants: you will see students, families, couples and all kinds of people around. It’s incredible to go shopping in the city and seeing the majestic Duomo when you walk out of a shop to enter a new one!

4. The tanning at Parco Sempione

Some people think that Milan is a gray and gloomy city; don’t listen to them! There are many sunny and lovely days, especially in spring and summer. When this happens, you can see a lot of people filling up every park, but especially the fantastic Parco Sempione. It’s a park in the heart of the city, with many areas where people can lie down and enjoy a book or some quality time with friends. It’s certainly worth a visit!

5. The weekend trips

At this point you’ve realised Milan is an amazing city with plenty of attractions and spots to enjoy. But what happens if you ever get tired of the fast-paced city life and want a break? Luckily, Milan is located just a few train stops away from the most famous lakes (Como and Garda, for example) and cities in Italy, such as Bologna or Torino. Sundays are always less busy in Milan, and if you wonder where all the people went off… Take a weekend trip out of town and you’ll find out!

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Hopefully these little tips will help you get used to your new lifestyle in Milan and enjoy all the opportunities it has to offer!

Thanks for reading this post!

Are you going to be studying in Milan? Did you know of any other interesting habits of the Milanese? Let us know in the comments. And remember: if you need student accommodation, you’ll find the perfect student home on Uniplaces. We have rooms in Milan!

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