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5 Magical Spots in the University of Milan

5 Magical Spots in the University of Milan

The University of Milan (Università degli Studi di Milano), also known as UNIMI or la Statale, is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular universities in Milan, thanks to its incredible history and beautiful main building located on Via Festa del Perdono. Here are 5 magical spots in the University of Milan:

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This university can give you a real vibe of Italian beauty. Here are five magical spots in the university of Milan that you must visit:

1. Biblioteca Crociera (Crociera Library)

This wonderful library is in the central courtyard on the right side. Not many people know it, partly because the entrance is reserved for students of the faculties of Law and Liberal Arts. The library is an architectural beauty; its walls are made of bricks and it’s decorated with statues. There is also an incredible dome in the centre of the corridor. While you’re there, keep in mind that you can charge your PC or smartphone in each spot.


2. Cortile Ghiacciaia (Glacier Courtyard)

This is the perfect place to relax in between lessons. Many students come here to eat their lunch surrounded by a magical atmosphere. It is set at the end of the central courtyard. Here is also where there are the snacks and coffee machines, so you mustn’t forget this information 😉 The small glass dome in the centre protects the remains of the ancient university. You can also get a full view of it from the balcony of the central library on the first floor.


3. Cortile Pesci (Fish Courtyard)

This lovely garden is in front of the canteen, and it also gives direct access to the study room next to it. This is where you should go to if you want to escape your classes for sometime, especially during the spring/summer seasons. You can relax with a good espresso, surrounded by green and a small pond with fishes and turtles.


4. Cappella Universitaria (University Chapel)

Probably the most unknown place in our university, as not many people know about it. This little chapel is right in the centre of the main courtyard, but its entrance is not very visible, so one must search for it. The chapel features beautiful paintings and architecture worth gazing at. You can attend mass, but if your situation is critical, you can also pray to pass your exams!


5. Cortile bagni (Toilet courtyard)

Despite the horrible name (but it’s good to know that you have the toilet right by the entrance), this is probably the most picturesque side of Università Statale. The portico is on the right side of the main courtyard and from there you can look over the Camilla Cerdena garden outside the university. Students come here to take a breath of fresh air because of the beautiful columns and the ancient atmosphere. From here you can also have direct access to the Legnaia courtyard.

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