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15 Restaurants in Florence You Haven’t Lived Until You Tried

15 Restaurants in Florence You Haven’t Lived Until You Tried

If you’re studying in Florence, you will have plenty of restaurants to choose from when it comes to having a meal out. But how many of these have you been to? Here’s our list of 15 restaurants in Florence you haven’t lived until you tried.


Best restaurants in Florence: Experience


Mercato Centrale is an open space made up of many little restaurants, bakeries and bars that offer different types of Italian food in a special place, the second floor of the famous S. Lorenzo market. The atmosphere is lively and easy-going and you can easily hang out there also for a beer or a glass of wine.

Budget: €15


Teatro del Sale is a really special place in Florence. Every night, they offer a big tuscan buffet and a show, right after dinner, that could either be a cabaret or a concert. The price is high, but if you consider the whole experience it is totally worth it!

Budget: €25


Piazza del Vino is a trendy and contemporary restaurant that has a choice of dishes from every single region of Italy, which are presented on the menu on a map. While eating, you’ll be surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of wine bottles. In fact, Piazza del Vino is also a wineshop that organises wine tastings.

Budget: €30/40


Best restaurants in Florence: Trattorias


This is a traditional trattoria founded in the 1940s. It is a historical site for both locals and tourists. Beware of the fact that this is a high budget restaurant! Here you can find a big choice of dishes, such as the florentine steak, the ribollita soup and roast rabbit.

Budget: €40-50


This is a local Florentine restaurant that offers an authentic Tuscan menu. The dishes are seasonal and very good. Start off with a traditional Tuscan starter, and then the Maltagliati (a particular kind of pasta ) with duck sauce. The restaurant is small (it has only 26 seats), so don’t forget to book a table!

Budget: €15-30


Trattoria di Sordo is a traditional trattoria where you can eat some fine bistecca alla fiorentina or Florentine steak at an affordable price. A big pro is the fact that it’s far away from the touristic areas. If you wish, before going for lunch or dinner, you can go shopping in the small shops along via Gioberti, which is one of the most popular shopping areas in the city.

Budget: €25-30


Best restaurants in Florence: Vegetarian


This restaurant is in the historical centre of Florence, near the Accademia gallery, and has a wide choice of vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. Every meal is made with organic ingredients that come from the owner’s family farm in the Tuscan hills.

Budget: €20-30


Best restaurants in Florence: Street Food

MAGAZZINO – Piazza della Passera

If you are interested in trying some traditional street food – and brave enough to eat tripe, cow brain or heart – this is without any doubt the best restaurant in town to try them out.

Budget: €35


Lampredotto is a special type of tripe that is served in a Panini bread. Take into account that you have to eat your “panino alla trippa” while standing, but in some cases, if you’re lucky enough to find some free ones, you’ll see some bar stools in front of the kiosk.

Budget: €3-5


Both locals and tourists have elected this place as the best place to eat focaccia stuffed with prosciutto while enjoying a fine glass of Tuscan wine.

Budget: Panini – €3.50/4 + 1 glass of wine – €2


Best restaurants in Florence: Pizzerias


Gusta Pizza is a low-budget pizzeria that is very popular among tourists because of its price and friendly environment. I’d personally recommend you to order a Bufala pizza: a Margherita pizza with bufala mozzarella, which has a much more intense flavour. Pizzas are a bit smaller than usual, though.

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Budget: under €10


This restaurant is made of 3 different kind of restaurants based on the person’s budget and taste. One of them is a traditional pizzeria, where pizzas are made with sour dough, giving them a special taste. The others are two tuscan bistros that differ only in the price, but both are well-recommended.

Budget: Pizzeria – €15-18; Bistros – €30-60


Best restaurants in Florence: Exotic


Momoyama is the first sushi restaurant in Florence and its minimal-designed space gives it a trendy atmosphere. At lunchtime, it is a low/medium budget noodle bar (but you can still order sushi), while in the evening it becomes a medium/high budget sushi restaurant.

Budget: Lunchtime – €15-20; Dinner – €50


Iyo-Iyo is a cheap and cheerful restaurant in Borgo Pinti, which is a very nice street in the centre, full of small crafts shops and fine restaurants. Iyo-Iyo serves classic sushi dishes, as well as tuscan-japanese ones (their highlight is the lampredotto with ginger in it !). Rice is great as well, as is their famous fried-chicken.

Budget: €10/15


India, as you can tell by its name, is an Indian restaurant and has been for a long time the first and only one in Italy. If you are planning to take a view of Florence from the beautiful hills of Fiesole, don’t forget to try this one! It has an authentic Indian atmosphere (there is a real rickshaw at the entrance) and has a big choice of traditional dishes.

Budget: €20/25


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