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5 places to study in Bologna you need to know about

5 places to study in Bologna you need to know about

Living in Bologna as a student can be a lot of fun, because students all concentrate in the center of town and are constantly together. You can find university classrooms, libraries and study halls every way you turn, on every street. In Bologna you can study anywhere, from bars to hospitals, and these are just a few of the places students of Bologna classify as their favorites.

Salaborsa Library

best library in bologna
The library is any student’s first choice for a place to study – and Bologna’ Salaborsa is no different.

You can find this library in Piazza Nettuno 3, probably the most famous square of Bologna. It is well known and attended by everyone, as it is not a reserved space for university students. Careful, since it is probably the most beloved library of town, you will have to get there very early to find a table to study, but when you do, the atmosphere is unique. The library does not only hold books, but also a variety of multimedia files as CDs and DVDs available to the public. Another plus side is the bar where you can always get coffee for your day. Even if you don’t like studying at the library, everyone should visit it at least once during their stay.

Photo credit : Antonio_Trogu


Via Zamboni

via zamboni
Via Zamboni is the “university street” of Bologna

As you walk from one building to the next you will meet the department of literature, economics, philosophy and so on. Obviously, in the web of halls and classrooms are some of the most well known study halls of Bologna. Two of the most famous are at Zamboni n.7 and Zamboni n.36. These are the best places to make friends and take many healthy breaks. After all, studying in company has always proven to be successful!

Photo credit : Donnie__Darko


Via Petroni

places to study bologna
Via Petroni is close to via Zamboni.

Down this street you can find another very busy classroom where students love to study. Its best feature is that it’s always open until 11 PM. For some students this just happens to be a life saving room! This study hall is simple and very big. Thanks to the room available it’s always easy to find a table or seat to study.

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Places to study in Bologna Sant'Orsola
The arcades of Sant’Orsola Hospital

Yes, Sant’Orsola is a hospital, but it happens to be one of the targets of many students desperate to find a place to study. Mostly, those who are graduating in medicine related subject study there, but its study halls are open to everyone. Many students like it because it is out of the center and attracts very dedicated and concentrated students. There is little room for distraction or breaks, so you will definitely find a serious environment. Of course, it closes very late, at 11:30 PM. As said before, these students must be very dedicated.

Photo credit: Ilyan Yankov

Palazzo Paleotti

Places to study in Bologna Palazzo Paleotti
Via Zamboni hosts another famous building: Palazzo Paleotti.

Via Zamboni hosts another famous building: Palazzo Paleotti. Many students like to study in Palazzo Paleotti because it is a very big computer room. Any student can access and take advantage of the available PCs, and of course study for exams. It is also very close to Piazza Verdi, the famous via Zamboni square, where students usually meet and have lunch every day.


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