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10 Places to Drink a Beer in Munich

10 Places to Drink a Beer in Munich

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Munich is not only a beautiful and historically fascinating city, it is commonly associated with beer, Oktoberfest and traditional Bavarian costumes. Granted, the Bavarian beer has a long tradition and tastes exceptionally good. Anybody who visits the German city is therefore almost obliged to visit at least one brewery or beer bar. Here is a selection of 10 places to drink a beer in Munich:

1. Hofbräuhaus

Opening hours: Daily from 9am to 11:30pm

The all-time classic. Hofbräuhaus is one of the best known and oldest breweries in Germany. It is visited by people from all over the world. The beer brewed in this facility is sold all over the world and is easily recognisable by its logo, “HB”, written over a blue background. The interior has the typical brewery feeling, high arches, long wooden tables, an orchestra playing Bavarian music, and waitresses in Dirndl.

2. Augustiner-Bräu

Opening hours: Daily from 10am to 1am

The Augustiner brewery is the oldest brewery in Munich, founded by monks in the 14th century. Now the ownership is in private hands and dedicated to serving beers and food. The place is divided into three parts: the brewery itself, the restaurant, and the beer garden.

3. Tap House

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 5pm to 1am and Friday and Sunday from 5pm to 2 am

Unlike the traditional breweries, Tap House is specialised in craft beer. Nevertheless, the owners serve their customers up to 200 different beers, 40 of them from the tap, the rest bottled. That means that there are more international beers than local ones.

4. Giesinger Bräu

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 11am to 11pm and Sunday from 10am to 10pm

The Giesinger Bräu started out as a nanobrewery in a garage. The owners make unfiltered, unpasteurized Märzen, wheat beer, Helles, and dark beer. The place doesn’t only serve beer and food; customers can also buy a souvenir to take home in the fan shop on the first floor.

5. Königlicher Hirschgarten

Opening hours: Daily from 10am until midnight

The Königlicher Hirschgarten is the biggest brewery in Munich with approximately 8000 seats. It is located within the park with the same name. Besides being served food and beer, the customers also get to see the deer living in the park. Guests are also free to bring their own food, only the beer has to be bought on location.

6. Augustiner Bräustuben

Opening hours: Daily from 10am until midnight

Located in an industrial neighbourhood, the Augustiner Bräustuben is easy to miss. The atmosphere is less crowded than the more touristy places. The Augustiner beers from the on-site brewery are very popular among locals. They are also one of the most affordable options in town. The brewery also has a small and simple menu.

7. Red Hot

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 5pm to 1am

The Red Hot is a Craft Beer bar directly located at the Ludwig Maximilian University. The bar has a big international beer menu to choose from. But the beer is not the only attraction. The aim of the place is to pay homage to the early 20th century in New York. Therefore, guests also get to enjoy typical American food and a variety of cocktails.

8. Viktualienmarkt Biergarten

Opening hours: Daily 9am to 10pm

This beer garden was established in 1970 within the food market at the square of the same name. The customers are mostly tourists, as the Marienplatz is not too far away. The beer garden has 600 seats for self-service and additional 200 seats with service. Most guests bring their own food from the food stands around the market area. The unique quality is that every six weeks a different brand of beer is served.

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9. Biervana

Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday from noon to 8pm and Saturday from 9am to 6pm

Another bar following the craft beer trend. Biervana, like the other places, also offers a big international menu of craft beers. The centrepiece of the bar is the tasting room. In order to also attract the tourist crowd, there is a special corner dedicated only to local beers.

10. Schneider Bräuhaus

Opening hours: Daily from 8am to 12:30am

This wheat beer champ has been brewing and serving since the 16th century. The Schneider family has been running the place for generations and recently renamed the brewery after their family name. Some of the beers are even exported. Customers can also expect typical Bavarian cuisine.

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