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Five Best Spots for Tinder Dates in Berlin

Five Best Spots for Tinder Dates in Berlin

Tinder dates in Berlin

Whether we’d admit it or not, most of us know what it means to ‘swipe right’. So whether you’ve scored yourself a date with a Tinder hottie, or they turn out to be a complete nottie, here are the five perfect locations for Tinder dates in Berlin.

The First One

Tinder Dates in Berlin: The First One

You’ve been perusing through Tinder and something shiny’s caught your eye. You’re in luck! He/she likes you back. ‘Salty or sweet’? ‘Pandas or penguins’? ‘Which ingredients make your perfect burrito’? A bunch of these out of your way and you’re good to go on your first date, which let’s face it, is bound to get those stomach butterflies fluttering en-masse. To combat nervousness (or over excitement), book a table for two at the Westberlin cafe. Occupying a bustling spot down the road from Check Point Charlie, the people-watching opportunities and rich coffees will buzz away that dreaded awkward silence.

HINT: Get there early and grab one of the many books and magazines on offer for an easy conversation starter.

Westberlin,Friedrichstrasse 215, 10969 Berlin

The Second One

Tinder Dates in Berlin: The Second One
by Flickr user: Daniel Mennerich

Attractive? Yes. Good conversation? Yes. Past the ‘friend zone’? To make a ‘you want to date me’ impression, it’s all down to the follow-up liaison. Date number one is about assessing awkwardness vs. awesomeness, whereas date number two is about discovering first-hand, your number two’s personality, quirks, and likes. When in Berlin, take full advantage of the capital’s culture island: MuseumInsel – a pick-and-mix of world-class architecture, art and artefacts.

So whether you prefer Ancient Egyptian History, Prussian Art, or want to fully immerse yourself into life in the GDR (the DDR museum is just a stone’s throw away), head over to Mitte for a day full of classy 21 questions. If you’d prefer to keep the education inside the lecture hall, pack a picnic and admire the gorgeous views of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites over nibbles and bubbles.

MuseumInsel, Am Lustgarten 1, 10117 Berlin

The Fun One

Tinder Dates in Berlin: The Fun One

If coffee’s not your cup of tea and a fancy dinner’s too stiff for your taste, why not try something experimental instead? While there’s bowling or the cinema, for something casual but fun, embrace Berlin’s alternative scene (nope, not THAT kind of alternative). From ‘Hipster Escape Party’ experiences, or Nocti Vagus’ experimental theatre, music, and horror-ific shows, the one for couples to try is definitely Dinner In The Dark. Positioned as Berlin’s First Dark Restaurant, the pros for this date are: you get to know your potential partner’s sense of humour, there can definitely be an element of intimacy as you touch and taste in darkness, and if they are a dull dud, it’s not exactly as if they’ll see you make a quick exit ?.

Hipster Escape Party, Gürtelstr. 25, 10247 Berlin

Nocti Vagus Dunkelrestaurant, Saarbrücker Str. 36, 10405 Berlin

The Impressive One

Dating gets an unnecessary bad rep. It’s not supposed to be scary or daunting, but instead, it should be flirty and sexy with copious amounts of batting those bedroom eyes. To get that adrenaline pumping for a long-lasting rush, where better to woo your crush than 207 metres above the city? The Sphere offers sky-high dining in a revolving restaurant, located in Berlin’s iconic TV Tower. With its illuminated, midnight views across Alexanderplatz, to haute cuisine and VIP treatment, it won’t just be the viewing platform that’s guaranteed to get your head spinning.

Fernsehturm, Panoramastraße 1A, 10178 Berlin

See Also

The in-town-for-one-night one

Tinder Dates in Berlin: The in-town-for-one-night one
by Flickr user: Petr Dosek

So you’ve a quick stop in Europe’s capital of cool and have scored a match with a local. What to do, what to do? There’s the option of slowly drifting along the river Spree on a ferry tour, spotting and making graffiti on a street-art tour, or private segway tours to stroll through the city. However, to impress for less, plan an afternoon with Free Tours By Foot. Join a free pub crawl followed by a choice of self-guided walks; from exploring Spandauer Vorstadt, classic Mitte or trendy and low-key Friedrichshain, clinking glasses of foamy pints and taking selfies at the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag and the Berlin Wall will certainly make it a trip to remember.

Cover photo credits – by Flick user: FraManzieri

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