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What To Do in Berlin on a Rainy Day

What To Do in Berlin on a Rainy Day

Berlin is, without any doubt, one of the best cities Europe. Art, history, parties, lifestyle… it offers all. But one thing Berlin does not promise is good, sunny weather all the time. What if you want to  explore the city and have fun when it rains? Here are some tips for you about what to do in Berlin on a rainy day. Enjoy and don’t let the rainy weather bring your mood down!



What can make the ‘rain and coffee’ duo even better? CHOCOLATE! In Ritter SPORT Berlin you can find every kind and make your own chocolate with anything you like. If you want to add more American spirit, in Flakes Corner ‘with anything you like’ is also the golden rule.

Be active

Beat the rain! Play Beach Volleyball indoors or even some out of the box Minigolf. How about improving your skills in multitasking and trying to chug a beer in eagle pose?Or have an exotic day and experience the Tropical Islands.

Or don’t

Give yourself a break. Swim, relax, hear the music underwater and feel light! Stadtbad Neukölln and Liquidrom offer nothing but tranquility within an impressive facility. Also, try to catch a DJ performance take place regularly in Liquidrom if you are asking for more.


Go to the Berlin’s most interactive museum, DDR. Drive a car, dance like it’s 80’ and be a student in East Germany. You can continue discovering the history of Berlin underground, hidden world of Berliner Unterwelten.


Visit Museum for Photography and get ready to be fascinated. The museum is currently hosting Helmut Newton’s unseen pieces. If you want more art, Berlin’s new museum, Urban Nation offers a new experience without limits.

Feast your eyes

If your German level is still  ‘Hallo, wie geht’s?’, the cinema you are looking for is Cine Star at Sony Center. Enjoy Sony Center’s fascinating architecture and be entertained with the innovative technologies. Furthermore, ‘Comedy Cafe’ in Neukölln offers performances in English, Spanish and German. Loosen up, have a drink and laugh!

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