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Best Places to Do Sports in Berlin

Best Places to Do Sports in Berlin

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It’s all good and well to study during the day and party hard at night thanks to Berlin’s excellent night scene, but you must also make sure that that body of yours can endure your speedy lifestyle. Sure, you may ride your bike everywhere, but you will need to take it to the next level. Here are a few places to do sports in Berlin and keep your body fit during your stay.

Training 24/7

The German capital is filled with people who have tight schedules and little time to train. When are you suppose to stretch those core muscles anyway? If flexibility is what you’re looking for, you might want to turn to “24/7 gyms” which let their members access facilities at any time of the day.

Inside, you will find all the usual training equipment and even virtual trainers, if IRL ones aren’t available to teach training classes. Members are usually signing up for a yearly contract paid monthly. You can consider well-known chains such as McFit or SuperFit with memberships starting from 19,90€/month. You can train in any club of the city with your card, which is handy if you need to move WGs (shared apartments).

“All you can train” buffet

If you are the type of person who easily grows tired of repetitive routines, Urban Sports Club might just be the thing for you. Look at it as the “all you can eat” of memberships. It lets you pick any type of sports and any studio they’re partnered with across the city. Pick bouldering one week, boxing the next, and give squash a go after; all of that with one membership! They have plans starting at 29€/month and going up to 99€/month for the unlimited version. It’s a great way to explore sports style without committing too much.

Yoga studios

If sports train the body, it’s also wise to heal the mind. Yoga has proved to be an effective stress reducer and to improve your focus capabilities over time. That’s a perfect combo if you’re in the middle of your degree! It’s also an excellent way to stay fit while avoiding aggressive exercises that can damage your bones and joints.

Yoga has something for everybody: from the absolute beginner to the accomplished athlete. Bastien from Settle in Berlin has made an excellent guide on how to pick Yoga classes in Berlin to get you started.

Parks & Lakes

This is a secret for nobody: Berlin is filled with parks and surrounded by lakes. It’s one of the greenest capitals in Europe. They’re a perfect opportunity to get a little exercise going while breathing fresh air.

Berlin’s parks are so vast that you won’t have issues with neighbours or passers-by strolling around you. Tempelhofer Feld is a wonderful example. What’s better than a previous airport to prepare for a half marathon? Or else, how about Treptower Park to train your slacking skills? You can even make a triathlon out of it: bike to Müggelsee, swim through it, and run back home. The best part about this? It’s completely free.

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If you follow these tips, pour some motivation on top, add some hydration and proper eating habits, you’ll stay fit enough to endure another kind of marathon: a full 24h at Berghain.

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