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Where To Find The Best Beers in Berlin

Where To Find The Best Beers in Berlin

Beers in Berlin

As the cradle of the purity law, and hosts of the annual international festival of beer, it’s obvious to all that Germans take their golden, frothy, and tantalising tipples seriously. Here, we round up the best beers in Berlin, and the watering holes which will help you quench your thirst.

Berliner Weisse

Beers in Berlin
by Flickr user: GillyBerlin

Once the most popular beers in the city and dubbed ‘champagne of the north’ by Napoleon’s men, the uniquely sour Berliner Weisse is a must try when in the German capital. Awarded the European Protected Geographical Indication, this beer is available in the same colours as your standard traffic light:

ein rotes” – which is sweetened with a raspberry syrup
ohne schuss” – which is the beer in all its natural glory
ein grünes” – which is flavoured with bright green woodruff

Though widely available, we recommend heading over to Prater Garten, Berlin’s oldest beer garden. Shaded by chestnut trees, and lit up by fairy lights, it’s a great way to spend an afternoon discovering local beers and cuisine.

Prater Garten, Kastanienallee 7-9, 10435


Beers in Berlin
by Flickr user: GillyBerlin

Weihenstephaner beer is a more serious affair. Created at the world’s oldest brewery, this Bavarian beauty comes from the Benedictine monastery with the same name, where the monks still offer tours and tastings. While its city abode might not be as sacred, Weihenstephaner Berlin still provides a great atmosphere in its beer hall and is one of the few places to find the divine, eponymous beer, outside of Freising. Available both light and dark, don’t forget to guzzle down a side of sausages, schnitzel, or sauerkraut to fully experience the glory of German drinking culture.

Weihenstephaner, Neue Promenade, 10178, Berlin

Berliner Pilsner

Beer in Berlin

With a motto like “Berlin, du bist so wunderbar”, you won’t find a beer more patriotic than the Berliner Pilsner. Light, and refreshing, this is one of the last surviving beers of East Berlin’s GDR thanks to its high quality and popularity with the locals. Again, you won’t have much trouble looking out for the red Berlin bear carrying pints of beer, but our recommendation is that you try and get a table at Zum Nussbaum, one of the oldest pubs in Berlin. Located in the Old Quarter of the city, this tavern has graced many famous patrons of the capital, most of whom have portraits hanging on the walls.

Zum Nussbaum, Am Nussbaum 3, 10178

Schneider Weisse

Beers in Berlin
by Flickr user: Rubén Vique

This full-bodied wonder weisse has been brewed to the same recipe since the 1800s and was Bavaria’s first wheat beer. A little fruity, with hints of banana bread and nutmeg, this true classic has been a hit for generations. And speaking of institutions, where better to get your Schneider, than at the home of Charlottenberg’s famous fat lady, Dicke Wirten?! You’ll feel right at home with her platefuls of delicious Deutschland specials. The Kreuzberger Kasselersteak is a personal favourite!

Dicke Wirtin, Carmerstrasse 9, 10623

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Beers in Berlin
by Flickr user: Berlin IckLiebeDir

Naughty but nice, don’t be fooled by the light coloured Helles, it’s still a German beer, which means it certainly still packs a punch when it comes to flavour! Berlin has had a tumultuous past which has affected it’s brewing industry. While only a handful of traditional masters of the trade still exist, more recently, the city’s hipsters – with a penchant for heritage – have revolutionised the capital with a spate of micro breweries popping up throughout the east and west. Privatbrauerei am Rollberg is one of the finer new openings, with their own version at Helles brewed and served on-site.

Werbellinstrasse 50, 12053

By now you should be feeling pretty excited about trying these German marvels, so get off your feet and head on over to the best spot for each one of them!

Thanks for reading this post! We hope to see you soon, coming back for more.

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