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Top 5 Quirkiest Bars in Berlin

Top 5 Quirkiest Bars in Berlin

Quirkiest bars in Berlin

Art galleries in decommissioned bunkers, cycling parks in disused airports and underground raves – Berlin is the capital of cool. Visions of patch-work graffiti dressing swathes of the city’s infamous wall is the perfect ode to Berlin; a capital which has healed its historical scars through regeneration by hipsters, the startup boom and of course, ‘technohaus’. So, what does this melting pot of ‘all things quirky’ offer to the parched and thirsty? Jump head first down the rabbit hole to find out the quirkiest bars in Berlin.

1. Barbie Deinhoff’s

Quirkiest bars in Berlin: Barbie Deinhoff's

This watering-hole definitely comes with a ‘ages 18 and up’ caution label. Don’t be fooled by the name, this neon-clad Adults Only is frequented by dolled-up cross-dressers and zany artists in search for their next muse. Bring with you, no judgement, a carefree attitude and spare change in exchange for cheap prices, eclectic conversations and a guaranteed, unforgettable night out.

2. Klo

Quirkiest bars in Berlin: Klo

Conceived from a toilet epiphany (yes, you read that right), Klo Bar is an homage to the owner’s day dreams while sitting on the loo. Utterly barmy and completely crazy, among the plethora of madness, expect drinks served in urinals, toilets and coffins for seats, and pranks galore. Not wanting to give too much away, but a word of advice – you don’t want to be the first of your group to walk into the bar!

3. Die Berliner Republik

Quirkiest bars in Berlin: Die Berliner Republik

We all know that Germans take beer seriously, but Die Berliner Republik raises the stakes, boasting its very own beer stock market. From penny stocks to game changers, there’s something to suit every budget. What’s more, the kitchen closes at 6am, so there’s plenty of time to sample all 18 house beers between a midnight cap and a Bavarian breakfast.

4. Sanatorium 23

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If you’re sick of mundane, stuffy bars, check yourself into Sanatorium 23 to inject some creativity into your Friday night. The hospital-themed establishment features operating areas and surgical suits for decor, while the periodic table serves as the cocktail menu. And if that’s not enough, the DJs blasting technomania from midday until the early hours of the morning are sure to get your heart-race pulsing.

5. Stagger Lee

Quirkiest bars in Berlin: Stagger Lee

Named after an old American folk song about a Missouri pimp, this Mid-Western saloon finds itself where vintage rules – stylish Schöneberg. Fashioned so that the prohibition era meets the Wild West, ring the bell outside of Stagger Lee and enter a by-gone world of miss-matched but classic Americana, complete with low buzzing bluegrass, black jack and bourbon speciality cocktails.

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