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6 Instagram Accounts To Follow and Discover Berlin

6 Instagram Accounts To Follow and Discover Berlin

Berlin Instagram Accounts
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Are you planning on going to Berlin or are already living there and want to see the city through different eyes? Then check out these 6 amazing Instagram accounts to follow to experience the city of Berlin.

1 – Berlin Page

Berlin Page shows Berlin through the lens of different photographers. Here you will find a collection of the best Instagrammers from many different perspectives.

2 – Anni.Berlin

Anni.Berlin is an Instagrammer who actually creates art photos just by taking pictures of buildings around the city. Get inspired!

3- berlin_spotting

Are you bored with architecture? What about cars? For car lovers we recommend berlin_spotting, which hunts old cars in Berlin and picture them in a scene. Germany is well know for its heritage in the automobile industry, so it doesn’t get much better than this.

4 – berlinbreeze

A fresh berlinbreeze on Instagram. A gallery of photos by Berlin lovers. So many great pics that you’ll have a hard time picking where to start.

5 – lindaberlin

lindaberlin sets old buildings in a beautiful scenery. If you look closer, it seems like every photo tells you its own story.

6 – maryloo_berlin

maryloo_berlin showcases her perspective of Berlin as she experiences it every day. Discover Berlin by following her work on Instagram.

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