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5 Inspiring Startups in Paris that Could Change Your life

5 Inspiring Startups in Paris that Could Change Your life

Startups in Paris

When you think of Paris, chances are you think of its long and storied history – the masterpieces in the Louvre, the serene gardens at Versailles or, of course, the Eiffel Tower. But Paris isn’t a city focused on its past. Instead, it is building on everything that has gone before with a buzzing startup scene.
What that means is that you can work at the cutting edge of tech while living in the medieval Latin Quarter, enjoying the best of both worlds. If Paris is somewhere you want to be, there are plenty of exciting startups you should consider an internship at. The following are just 5 of them.

Augment – Growth Stage

Startups in Paris: Augment

In case the name didn’t give it away, this company deals in augmented reality. It’s hard to think of a more cutting-edge industry, making Augment a great place to work for anyone really keen on technology.

Ranger – Early Stage

Startups in Paris: Ranger

Ranger is an analytics company for the tourism industry. Working with the Internet of Things, the company provides data on what people do and where they go during their holiday.

Cobbles – Early Stage

Startups in Paris: Cobbles

Cobbles is all about stories. Using the company’s app, you can leave notes or messages in certain locations. When another user with the app finds the same location (where on purpose or by serendipitous accident), they will also discover the message you left behind.

craft ai – Growth Stage

Startups in Paris: craft ai

This company has set up an AI platform for developers. Developers can use craft ai to improve their own apps by allowing them to learn and adapt as they are being used.

Kumbu – Early Stage

Startups in Paris: Kumbu

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Defining its product as a “digital souvenir box”, Kumbu allows users to store all their favourite (digital) memories in one place. The founders were inspired by real, physical souvenir boxes and wanted to create a way to collect all the precious memories that people have scattered across different websites and social networks.

These are just a few of the coolest groundbreaking companies based in Paris.

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