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20 Best Erasmus Cities!

20 Best Erasmus Cities!

Erasmus City Map

What if we could help you find the right place for you?

Well, we can do just THAT! Check out the best Erasmus cities, by clicking on the following button.

Erasmus City Map

Featuring filters such as Cost of Accommodation, Landlord Reputation, and Ease of Finding Accommodation, with our Erasmus City Map you’ll find the right city for you in no time!

We’re hoping that by now you all know who won the Uniplaces Best Erasmus City Award! But what if you just don’t want to go to Madrid? What are your other alternatives? What if you just want to go on Erasmus but you haven’t got the slightest idea where to go?

If the winning city isn’t your dream Erasmus city, why not pick one of the other awesome Erasmus cities in our Top 20!

And after that, all you need to do is just buy your tickets and book your room on Uniplaces! It’s easy!

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