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Europe lockdown amid coronavirus outbreak: info for stranded people

Europe lockdown amid coronavirus outbreak: info for stranded people

With the  European Commission agreeing on closing the European Union’s (EU) external borders for 30 days in an effort to slow the spread of the pandemic, we’re aware that many people are currently unable to get back to their homes. 

There are thousands of students, tourists and families struggling to find a way back home: cancelled flights is the main reason for concern to those people. Although many government officials are already in touch with them to provide a fast and safe way to go back home, it might take some time to find an answer.

I’m stuck in Europe: what should I do?

Since many of the flights are being cancelled, the first step is to contact the embassy or consulate of your country of residence to find out if there are any rescue flights available in your region soon. 


For specific information about a city, you may find useful to visit one of these articles:



Regarding travel expenses, vacation rentals and hotels are undoubtedly ideal for short term periods, but it gets expensive as tourists have to postpone their stay while waiting for an opportunity to go back home.


It is also not easy to find a real estate agent at this point to find 1-month rentals during this period. Since the coronavirus outbreak, house tours are on hold, and people are waiting to buy or rent properties. However, some of them simply can’t. For those ones, virtual tours and online renting platforms are something that could be the only solution for people affected during their vacations.

Places to stay during the lockdown in Europe

For tourists, families, expats and business people who are currently outside of their home country, and looking for a furnished and equipped place to live: Uniplaces is here to help you find a temporary home as fast as possible.

If you’re looking for a short term place to rent, please access our Fast Booking page, and one of our agents will quickly contact you. We are aware that many people are in quarantine at the moment and unable to leave the house. For the ones that need even faster answers from landlords, Instant Booking is available for many cities and bookings are accepted immediately after the request, so you will be ready to move-in.

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Since our mission is to make everything as simple as possible, please note that when renting with Uniplaces, you’ll be able to do everything online. You won’t have to worry about personally visiting the place or finding a warrantor. The contractual part can also be solved through e-mail between you and your landlord, in order to avoid physical contact and ensure your safety. Plus: you’ll have an answer from us within 24h. 


With our desire to keep everyone safe and positive, our team will be working hard to handle all of your enquiries. If you have any doubts regarding a booking you are about to make – or if you already made a booking and need help – don’t forget that our Customer Care team is here to help and give you full support.


Stay safe!

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