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Behind every Uniplaces blog post there is a group of people who love to travel and live or has lived abroad. But most importantly, when they do, they research and explore the new city they are in, they immerse on the different cultures and connect with locals. They are also great storytellers.

At Uniplaces we are working to help young students and expats feeling home when they are abroad, by helping them prepare for their trip and get to know everything about their new city. If you currently live or have lived in one of the European cities listed below and you are interested in becoming a featured contributor, get in touch with us through


  1. Portugal: Coimbra, Lisbon and Porto
  2. Spain: Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia
  3. Italy: Bologna, Florence, Milan and Rome
  4. Belgium: Brussels
  5. France: Paris
  6. Germany: Berlin
  7. Netherlands: Amsterdam
  8. UK: London
  9. France: Paris
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