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Living in Bethnal Green is a true London experience. It’s one of those neighbourhoods where everybody gets mixed together, and you’ll find it has many different personalities. It’s starting to become very popular, especially with Londoners and young professionals.  Bethnal Green is friendly, affordable and central! What more could you ask for?

living in Bethnal Green neighbourhood

Geffrye Museum is within walking distance of Bethnal Green, if you’re feeling like going for a walk!

Bethnal Green : a diverse community (or: do Opposites attract?)

What gives Bethnal Green its very special atmosphere is the way that different cultures combine here. You’ll find some pubs and clubs for the English working class with a Halal supermarket on one side and a boutique hotel on the other. You’ll find young, bohemian bankers living in the same building as an old Bangladeshi couple and a group of fun and frinedly international students. No question about it: it is its diversity that makes Bethnal Green such a particular and peculiar neighbourhood.

Bethnal Green is a neighbourhood with an edge

Bethnal Green is perfectly safe. If you ask any of the locals, people who have been living here for a year or two, and they’ll tell you. I don’t think I’ve ever met anybody who ran into trouble here. However, Bethnal Green does have an edge to it: it has a number of Gentleman’s Clubs, a bit of Gangster history in the 60s, some shadowy back lanes. It can look rough but feel safe, and this urban-gritty-vibe gives it a kick like a shot of chilli vodka.

Bethnal Greend neighbourhood guide

Old factories and modern buildings standing side by side: in Bethnal Green, opposites attract!

Getting around Bethnal Green

Bethnal Green is an easy, central and convenient neighbourhood. The central line run through it and can get you quickly to some of London’s key spots, like St. Paul’s, Oxford Circus or Notting Hill. There is an overground train in Shoreditch and the Liverpool train station for trains to Cambridge and Stansted airport. There are buses always running.

Bethnal Green rental rates

Living in Bethnal Green isn’t as expensive as the neighbourhoods in Zone 1. Renting a room in a shared house for students in Bethnal Green will be around £650-800 pounds, depending on the room, and depending on the house. Houses with more rooms will have slightly lower rental costs, and the bigger and best rooms in every house cost more than the others.

student accommodation in Bethnal Green banksy

Great street art adds to the edgy Bethnal Green mystique. Here, “Sunflower” by Banksy.

Fact sheet: Bethnal Green

One place to eat: E Pellicci, for sure. A cheap and cheerful caffé with great food and a really buzzing atmosphere. Address: 332 Bethnal Green Road

One place to drink: Mother Kelly! This cool spot under an arch of Bethnal Green station, serves some of London’s best beers. A part of one of London’s latest fashions, it’s a “growler refill station,” meaning you might see people heading in with very large bottles to take some ale home. Address: 251 Paradise Row

One place to study: The Gallery Café. A relaxing atmosphere, vegetarian food, an open terrace and free wifi. Need we say more? All the money they make helps fun St. Margaret’s charity.  Address: 21 Old Ford Road

One thing to see: Cats! You have to check out Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, London’s first Cat Café. They rescue cats and people come here to pet them while having a fresh cup of coffee. Really incredible atmosphere, if a little surreal: has to be seen to be believed. Address: 152-154 Bethnal Green Road.

One thing to do: Wait until it’s Sunday and hit the Columbia Road Flower Market. Bring a camera along as you’ll have plenty of photo opportunities. And look out for Gwilym Davies and his tiny coffee cart: this is London’s best Barista and hands down the best cappuccino you will find in the whole city.

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