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housemates from hell woman in red
Meine 6 höllischsten Mitbewohner

Anmerkung: Gastblogger Eric hat eine Liste der Mitbewohner zusammengestellt, mit denen er für 2 Jahre…

Erasmus Lisbon student Santa
Christmas for Erasmus students: a letter to Santa Claus from an Erasmus Lisbon student

Dear Santa, I’ve been doing my Erasmus Lisbon for nearly six months now and will…

The Admirals and Navy heroes of London
10 odd degrees in London you didn’t know existed

I have never studied in London, but I’m thinking of applying. So I was going…

housemates from hell woman in red
6 Housemates from Hell I lived with

Editor’s note: Guest writer Eric brings in a list of 6 housemates from Hell he…