5 Places to Get the Best Gelato in Rome

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Forget “Have a break, have a Kit-Kat” — you’re in Rome! You should “Have a break, have a gelato” instead! Classes don’t run non-stop every day. There will be times when you have a free hour or two in between lessons. When this magical pausa (break) happens, you don’t want to waste your time on an average tasting gelato. You’ve worked hard, so you deserve the best! Here they are: the best gelato in Rome:

1. Fatamorgana

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If you want fresh & natural gelato, this is the place to get it. Fatamorgana only uses natural ingredients, which means their flavours change seasonally, and so will your taste buds. You can find some interesting flavour combinations like avocado, rose and basil. Don’t be afraid to try them! After all, chocolate may be your favourite right now, but that might be because you haven’t taken the risk yet… 😉

Locations: Piazza degli Zingari, 5 (Monti); Via Roma Libera, 11 (Trastevere); Via Laurina, 10 (Spanish Steps); Via Bettolo, 7 (Prati) | Price: € | Website:

2. Fiordiluna

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An unsuspecting gelateria, almost hidden, even though it’s on the main drag through Trastevere. This gelateria prides itself in its natural produce and innovative way of making gelato with “less air and more love”. Expect some great, rich flavours in here. It’s on your way towards the tram after aperitivo anyway. It would just be rude to not stop by and assagia (taste)!

Location: Via della Lungaretta, 96 (Trastevere) | Price: € | Website:

3. La Romana

La Romana isn’t the oldest gelateria, but they’ve been feeding people with gelato since they began in Rimini in 1947. Now, La Romana have expanded all over Italy. Gelato ingredients can be found on their website, and what’s so fab about this place is that not only do they sell amazing gelato, they also sell cakes and pastries too! #YOLO

Locations: Via Cola Di Rienzo, 2 (Prati); Via Venti Settembre, 60 (Repubblica); Via Ostiense 48, (Ostiense) | Price: € | Website:

4. Gelateria dei Gracchi

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If you ask a group of Romans what their favourite flavour or gelato is, you’ll undoubtedly get a majority vote that say pistacchio (pistachio). Then, if you ask them which gelateria in Rome sells the best, many will agree that the only place to get pistacchio gelato is Gelateria dei Gracchi. So, what’s their secret?

They use toasted pistachio’s from Sicily! And my oh my, it’s fantastic. TOP TIP: when ordering pistacchio gelato, you should look for a brownish-green colour, not luminous green, to make sure it’s fresh and natural.

Locations: Via dei Gracchi, 272 (Prati) | Price: € | Website:

5. Lucky Dip

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No, this gelateria is not called lucky dip, but local Rome experts “The Roman Guy” claim they have found the best gelato in Rome and they’ll take you there at the end of their Local Rome Food Tour. So, if it’s not just a gelato break you’re looking for, but a full local Roman foodie experience, check out The Roman Guy. They offer student discounts too and, trust me, you won’t regret stuffing your face with these local foodie experts.

Locations: Trastevere & Campo de Fiori | Price: €€ | Website: | Duration: 3.5 hours | Included: 6 stops with different food tastings, wine, dinner and gelato

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Have you officially started your gelato season? Do you know any other great places to get the best gelato in Rome? Let us know in the comments. And remember: if you need student accommodation in Europe, you’ll find the perfect student home on Uniplaces.

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