25 Most Incredible Erasmus Universities

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  1. Raquel says:

    Can’t believe that the University of Salamanca isn’t here… One of the oldest universities in Europe, which receives hundreds of foreign students every year… Not only from European countries, but also from around the world to learn Spanish. Epic fail, Francisco!

    1. Sorry, Raquel – I have heard of how beautiful Salamanca is, but I have never seen it myself. Do you recommend it that strongly?

      1. tiago says:

        dude, you should not definetely miss Salamanca out there!

      2. Raquel says:

        That strongly! You have to visit! I am Portuguese but did my Erasmus there (even though I initially expected to go to another country) and it was the best decision I ever made! Beautiful city by day and by night, great monuments, lots of parties and cultural events… It’s so easy to learn a language when you have the opportunity to talk to lots of people everyday, and it was very easy to start loving a country when you are so well received! (sorry for answering this late, I though I’d get a notification but I didn’t)

        1. Denisa says:

          Hey Raquel! I’m going to be an erasmus student in Salamanca from september to january. Can you give me some advices/tips about the student life in Salamanca? Thanks!

      3. Ana says:

        I went to Salamanca, beautiful with plenty of history and charm. but level is not in top compared to many other European Universities. Competition is high.

  2. Sergio says:

    Dear Francisco. The Universidad de Comillas is in Comillas as the name says. Comillas (Cantabria), 400km far from Madrid.

    1. That actually makes a lot of sense! My bad, I will correct it immediately. Are you a student at Comillas, Sérgio?

        1. fien says:

          I’m currently studying as erasmus student at comillas in madrid, it’s not the building in the picture but the one in Madrid is also quite impressive and the school is known as a private elite university, one of the best in spain regarding law and business studies. Hopefully this clears things up.

          1. And then it all makes perfect sense! Thanks Fien!

            My Spanish colleagues had explained this to me too. If you would like to write a little bit about your time in Comillas (or send us a few photographs), you’re more than welcome by the way.

  3. Ugne says:

    You might want to consider looking up St Andrews University in Scotland 😉

    1. I really like Saint Andrews, it’s a great university with some really odd traditions. I mentioned one in an old post:


  4. Rodrigo Morón Boschiazzo says:

    Hi Francisco, I’m a preruvian student at University of Lima and I do really think University of Salamanca should be here! I’ve been an exchange student there and I truly recommend it! It’s an incredibly city and the University is awesome. Lot of culture and history!

    1. Hmm, with all these recommendations, I think I may go explore Salamanca for a few days… When’s the best time of the year to go?

  5. borja says:

    University of Comillas is a private one that, at the moment, it is based in Madrid. The bulding that you show in the photo is the first emplacement in Comillas (cantabria) where the University was created.

    1. Oh, yeah, got it. Thanks for clarifying this for me! My bad.

  6. Transsylvanian says:

    I should also take a look at the City of Cluj-Napoca, the biggest University Center of Romania and one of the best in Eastern Europe, a transylvanian city full of Universities (especially “Babes-Bolyai” University), with more than 100.000 students studying in the city at the moment (there are also a lot of Erasmus, especially from France).

    1. I have never heard of the City of Cluj-Napoca, I’ll be honest. But thanks for the feedback, that does sound like a great university and town.

  7. Fanny says:

    Sorry to disappoint you, but your ‘killer view’ from the UBO isn’t actually from the UBO, it’s a library from Brest’s Technopole. (The UBO is situated in the center of the city, and even if you’re never far from the sea, you can’t actually see it from there, let alone the coast that you can see from the Technopole)

    1. Ah, okay, I feel completely cheated by the internets now. Thanks Fanny. So tell me, which campus is the coolest: Tecnopole or UBO?

      1. Philippe says:

        Nice to be in your ranking !
        The university is composed of several buildings, and the photo you choose corresponds to a building located in the town center. The second photo has been certainly taken in the library of our institute of Marine Sciences. In both cases it reflects the quality of life in Brest and at the university. Erasmus students really enjoy to stay here !

  8. Adriana says:

    Hey Francisco!! Good job putting Coimbra on the list!! However, the capes are not Harry Potter-styled, in fact, Harry Potter’s capes were inspired by ours:) the university is now celebrating its 725 years, and yes , I recommend it to all Erasmus students

    1. lnes antas says:

      Well said, quite true

  9. lnes antas says:

    Podia informar.me qual a univ mais recomendada para o curso de direito mas com aulas em inglês, começando por Espanha? Please inform me which university for las, Erasmus with english classes, starting with spain? Thank you

  10. Alfredo says:

    And what about RWTH in Aachen??? This classification isn’t trustworthy!!!

    1. Andre Albuquerque says:

      The RWTH in Aachen is pretty cool. Do you study there Alfredo?

  11. Pedro says:

    University of Porto! We still use the uniform and it’s a much more active city (Coimbra dies out in Christmas and weekends ) and with lots of great night life. Study hard and party even harder!!

    1. Catarina says:

      We, in Coimbra, use more the “uniform” (Capa and Batina) than you guys and was also where the tradition started. You cannot compare a Uni that has 725 years against 104. The structure of the building is also different, we have an amazing old library (The Golden Library or Biblioteca Joanina) that I advise everyone to visit! But I give you that on the “Coimbra dies out” because its mainly a student city!


  12. Riccardo says:

    I’m studying at Bologna University and I’ve got to say that in the picture you posted is actually represented Bologna’s city hall which is not correlated with the university at all. As regards the rest: nice article. I’ve spent my erasmus at Aarhus and the services offered were amazing, beautiful experience!

  13. A friend says:

    You mean incredible university buildings, not universities. The title is misleading.
    Istanbul university for instance is not an incredible university.

  14. Ewgenia says:

    That building you chose to represent the University of Salzburg may be nice, but it is for one faculty only. Our university consists of several buildings located all other the old town (and a bit outside) most of which are indeed nice. Furthermore, there’s not a lake but a river.
    Also, from what I’ve heard from Erasmus students here, the Uni Salzburg is not a great place for exchange students. The buddy program doesn’t really work and there are not that many (if at all) activities organised by the uni for the Erasmus students.
    I’ve spent a semester in the University of Surrey where we had a fantastically organised Erasmus program that helped us to meet other Erasmus students and explore the country and culture a bit. My university (sadly) sucks in comparison.

  15. Sabina says:

    Where is the University of Wroclaw? I guess you never saw a picture of it, never entered the famous Leopold Hall or never read about the history of this place 🙂

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