These 10 facts about Rotterdam will blow your mind

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  1. eef says:

    “However, something not taken into consideration when creating this piece of art is that the Christmas tree resembles a butt plug” Did you look at the work of Paul McCarthy before writing this? Because it seems like you haven’t done your research. You show no respect for the artist, you act like he made a little mistake..

    1. kasper says:

      at least its better than the song he recorded with kanye west…

      1. Martin Cleaver says:

        McCarthy – not McCartney! 😉

      2. Wahid says:

        True that. 🙂

  2. Desiree says:

    Rotterdam also has a “green light district”: the green lights mark the areas that were destroyed by “friendly fire”.

  3. A.M.Djajanegara says:

    Have studied there at the now extinct NEH, but between then (1950’s) and now this city is currently beyond compare!

    1. Quirijn says:

      Nope, not extinct. Just changed its name to Erasmus University, as you should know as an alumnus.

      1. Melissa says:

        Not exactly, NEH merged with the Medical Faculty and together they named themselves Erasmus University.

  4. Anon says:

    SS Rotterdam does not have a pool you can swim in. It’s a foot deep and very small.

  5. Brunia says:

    In the good, old days SS Rotterdam used to be a cruise ship not a ferry!!

  6. P says:

    ss Rotterdam started it’s career as a trans Atlantic ferry service between Rotterdam and New York, in 1969 she retired from the trans Atlantic services and started as a full time cruise ship.

    1. Berry says:

      The SS Rotterdam started as an ocean liner. Do not call her a ferry she is much more then that.

  7. Frank says:

    Why is Amsterdam mentioned in the first two numbers? Rotterdam can stand on its own two legs. I never read an article stating that Rotterdam may have a red light district but Amsterdam has canals. What, no prostitution in Rotterdam? How hypocritical.

    1. Melissa says:

      If you would read the text carefully you would see that the ‘red light district’ is a joke and has nothing to do with prostitution.

  8. Ben says:

    Seems criminal not to include the fact that Rotterdam was voted the best European city 2015

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